Diving Team and Equipments

We have a well organized and experienced Team of Divers Supervised and Trained by Ex-Naval Personals.
 The Team Includes NTD Inspection Divers, Part 1 Certified Divers, Paddy Divers, Commercial Trained Divers and Country Divers with all sophisticated modern Diving Equipments as listed below.

    • Deep Sea Helmet (KMB) with communication system
    • Scuba Cylinders with BCD
    • HP Compressor – Bauer make
    • Broco Cutting and Welding System
    • Pneumatic Drill machines
    • Pneumatic chipping machines
    • Pneumatic Mud lifting System for Sand Dredging
    • Underwater Video Camera with DVD recorder
    • GPS System
    • Two Stage breathing regulators
    • Wet Suits, Belts, Fins, Masks, etc
    • Underwater lighting systems
    • Diving Pontoon (400 sq ft)
    • 63 KV Generator Sets
    • 1500 meter Nylon Ropes
    • Heavy Duty Chain pullies and accessories
    • Exclusive Vehicle for rescue operations (with all diving equipments)
    • Hand Tools and other accessories