the achievements
HCM Marine Constructions Pvt Ltd. formerly known as Hajee C M Musthafa & Co. has a group of Well-trained, Skilled workers known for their expertise in Underwater Jobs. These Divers are commandeered by Ex-naval diving supervisors. The Company, over the years, has earned appreciation from both Government and Non-government authorities, not only for its reliability and devotion to the jobs undertaken but also for completion of the work well within the period set by the principals/awarders. A couple of milestones during our ascend to supremacy are listed hereunder:

Thermal Power Station, Dhuvaran Gujarat in 1970

A stupendous work of Underwater Concreting which involved chipping of existing RCC underneath the Frames tying up reinforcement. And pouring concrete all under open sea water with tide of considerable variations was executed by our daredevil Divers under Strenuous conditions. The company earned special appreciation for the manner it executed the work, from the Chief Engineer of Gujarat State Electricity Board.

Reclaiming of Winch Girder Crane from Sea in 1972.

The work involved Reclaiming of Winch Girder Crane with 80 ft. boom used for placing 12 tone Tetra pods for the Breakwater mound construction. This Crane weighing about 50 Tones had fallen into the sea at a depth of 25 ft. during monsoon. The task was thought to be beyond any indian firm in operation at the time. However, our divers accomplished the task in spite of the complicated nature of underwater operation.

Underwater Drilling and Blasting

We had undertaken Underwater Drilling, Blasting and Mucking for M/s Kvaerner Cementation India, Mumbai at Khandi under M/s. TATA Power Project Near Pune. We provided experienced Divers, Drillers, Kalasies, Seamanís other skilled Workers and Site engineers for executing the work such as Drilling of 84 mm dia holes by using drilling Platform and wagon Drilling Machine, charging the holes by the help of Divers, mucking the blasted materials by using crane and grab and dumping area etc.

Underwater Wooden Log Cutting & Lifting from Well

While doing well Sinking work at Bhavandadi Bridge works, near Bandara Nagpur Under M/s D.K. Navagire & Co. a big trunk of tree having girth of 15í was found across the cutting edge of one of the well. Our divers cut the tree trunk diving under water and lifted out the log and then sank the well to the desired depth.